Maternity: Parker, Colorado


A sailor and his lady. He made sure she felt perfect in every way. From the way he fixed her gorgeous hair, to standing back in awe of her beauty. Sara and Robert and expecting their first baby in a couple of weeks. One part of my job is that ability to go back in time to my own experiences and remembering what it was like to have that excitement and unease of becoming a parent. It was almost 7 years to the day, that I took these maternity photos, that I was due with my first child. My husband had the exact job that Robert has with the Navy, and like myself, Sara is delivering at the same location I had my first. The phrase ‘it’s a small world’ always runs true.



When you mix a gorgeous mama-to-be, with a beautiful dress, and some pretty fall light, magic happens. Only a couple short weeks and the best part of their life will arrive.